CV Joints

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CV Joints

My wife has a '92 Nissan Sentra. Still running great. I've changed the brake pads on it and done other maintenance work on it. The outer CV boots are torn and now you can hear the classis clicking sound while turning the vehicle. It appears the axle assembly may need to be replaced. I've never done this particular task. Is this a do-it-yourself-er? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank, Andy
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Yes, but you should consult a service manual while doing it. Check the links in my signature file or pick up a manual from your parts store or library.
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If your CV joints are "clicking", they're toast. New outer joints are relatively expensive and more difficult to replace than axle shaft assemblies. Reman. axle shaft assemblies are available from most parts stores for $55-85 for most applications.

As Joe_F said, you can do this job yourself, if you have the right tools and information.

You're going to need a good set of jack stands, a torque wrench and an axle nut socket, along with the usual set of hand tools to complete this job.

A $15 Haynes manual will provide step by step instructions as well as torque values.

Many auto parts stores have tool loan or rent programs, which can be an economical alternative to buying "special" tools such as a torque wrench and axle nut socket.
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I have been able to reuse CV joints that were already making noise; after fully disassembling and cleaning out the old one, regreasing and rebooting the assembly. This was on a rear driver, though, which doesn't go through the same kinds of extremes of angles like a FWD. You may not want to risk going through the effort though, unless you're just curious and have time to kill-

In my case, the joint was actually hammering on a long trip (right after I bought it used), and I was able to quell it enough to get back home by stopping at a rest stop and getting some gear oil- squirted some in there to give it some measure of lubrication, and it ran quiet again. If the CV hasn't been open too long, it may be still usable-
Took it apart and cleaned it out by disassembling the whole thing, regreased, and got a new boot on, and it's been fine since.

Rebuilt CV axles are relatively inexpensive though, so you may just want to avoid the bother and swap it out. Or avoid that bother too and have a shop replace it; it was about $140 installed, last time I had it done. I didn't mind doing it the first time, because it was kinda neat seeing how the CV works, but it's a greasy job cleaning it out

If you do it yourself, you'll need a large socket mentioned and breaker bar to remove the axle nut, and tools to remove the tie rod ends from the steering knuckle. May need snap ring pliers if you choose to disassemble it too.

Not really recommending that you try to reuse the joint, but it's possibly an option if you're so inclined.

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