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Plymouth Voyager

Yes I have a 95 Voyager with a 3.0 engine the van runs great. But every now and then it is like the transmission is slipping(A couple times a week). The van has 80,000 miles on it. When I went to get my oil changed the people checked the transmission fulid and said it needed to be changed it was black in color and they said that is normally from over heating parts in transmission. I told them I would wait because I have a extended warranty that will cover the transmission if something is wrong with it. The warranty runs out in June. So I would like to know can the transmission shop tell something by fulid like that or do they open the tranmission up and check it or do they road test it. The reason I would like to know it only messes up every now and then and I can't be without vechicle for a long time. Thanks for any help
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yes, they can tell from the fluid being burnt.....your tranny is on borrowed time my friend, I would run, not walk, to get it rebuilt before the warranty expires.....
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I agree. If you can get a tranny out of the deal, go for it, that sucker is ready to puke on you

Black fluid is a sign of overheating and clutch pack material burning up. Not good
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