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In the past I have been able to remove distributors relatively easily. I am now trying to remove one from a 1971 Ford 390cu engine. I can get it to come out about 1/2 inch past the oil seal but the it stops and will not come out any further. It rotates freely when pulled as far as I can pull it. When it reaches the max that I can pull it out It sounds like there is metal to metal contact. Has this happened to anyone else bofore? If so what did you do to remove the distributor. Any suggestions will help. Thanks
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Try spraying some WD40 on it and letting it work loose. Caked up oil and perhaps a bent shaft/broken gear is keeping it in place. Might have to remove the manifold to get at it better.

Why are you removing it?
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Never Happened before

Thanks. I am taking the distributor out to get the manifold off. am doing that to remove the heads. The engine has about 3000 miles on it. All the sudden it started running very poorly. I took it into my mechanic and he discovered that the heads are bad and three cylinders were not getting the proper compression. This burned up some of the valves. I got new heads and valves to replace. The shaft you referred to is that the oil pump drive shaft?
With so few miles on the engine I am hoping what you suggested is not the case. Thanks again!
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It may be the oil pump drive shaft is not coming loose from the bottom of the distrubutor. May take a good pull
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as Joe suggests, try the WD40, but I suspect your drive gears are broken or at least injured...bottom line is, you have to get it out, it may involve prying up on it with a prybar as you shake it and twist it, use a small block of wood for leverage so you don't damage the intake manifold.....
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