1995 ponitac Sunfire 2.3L problem please help ASAP


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Angry 1995 ponitac Sunfire 2.3L problem please help ASAP

I have replaced the thermostat 3 times and soon there after the resovior explodes with coolant and the car overheats. Can anybody tell me what the heck is going on> Thanks
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It sounds as if you're installing the thermostat upside down..it flows water much better going one direction than the other...by installing it incorrectly you are, in effect, blocking the boiling water in your engine block from getting to the radiator where it needs to get to in order to be cooled down...there are detailed instructions with exploded drawings for your engine at www.autolibrary.com give it a try....

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Temporarily run it without a stat. If it still overheats, the problem is likely elsewhere.

What shape is the rest of the cooling system in?
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Thanks for the reply

Thank you all for the reply. But I know how to install a Stat. I did find out that the new water pump I installed froz up on me.
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I believe this is a Quad 4 engine in this year Grand Am, so that would be par for the course.

These are not very good or reliable engines and many times require special tools to service. Keep an eye on maintenance repairs. If it starts to soak you for repairs, pitch it for something better....Head gasket woes plague this motor.

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