Fan problems


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Angry Fan problems

I have a 1992 Pontiac Lemans, it has been giving me total grief with the stupid fan(as you can see I am getting annoyed at it). It continues to stay on even after the car has been truned off, I end up having to take out the fuse to stop it. But the main thing that upsets me is that it does it when it feels like it, and when I tried to take it to my mechanic, it was normal and didn't do it. Does anyone have any ideas what might be wrong with it? Is there anything I can do(instead of taking it to the mechanic)? because my mechanic is an hour drive away from me, and I would rather fix it myself instead of wasting gas and money to take it down to him.


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the fan's operation is controlled by an electrostatic switch/sensor which turns it on and off according to engine/radiator temperature...this switch is probably faulty...replacing it is simple and should cure your problem...

get a service manual for your vehicle or ask the auto parts person, they can tell you the location of the switch/sensor...if you trace the wire loom from the fan itself back to your engine, switch should be mounted there...
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Does anyone know where I can get a repair manual?? I have checked chilton and hayes or haynes(whatever it's called), both do not have any manual for my there any other publishers of repair manuals?
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Check the links in my signature file for more information.

As noted, the best manual is the factory one, but a Lemans of this vintage (I hate the fact that Pontiac recycled the name LeMans for this thing...a Lemans was a good old Poncho at one time) isn't worth the ducats for a factory book.

You can also pay 25 bucks and you'll get basically the same information in yearly subscription.

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