93 Ply Voyager Door Handle


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John Bruner
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Question 93 Ply Voyager Door Handle

I need to replace a door handle that has broken plastic anchor points (where the bracket bolts hold the handle in place). I can see the linkage to the latch is held in place by some sort of plastic retainer/washer. I need suggestions on how to get the linkage line disconnected from the handle without destroying the retainer... or, I need suggestions about what I can use to secure the linkage to the new handle if the retainer has to get destroyed. The suggestion to buy a new vehicle has already been made by my wife (It has 206k miles on it and still going strong), so any other ideas would be appreciated. Thanks. John
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details on this proceedure with exploded drawings can be found on your van at:


have fun!!!!
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Hey Joe!!!! remember the dodge van post we talked on awhile back? (about dodges lasting 200k miles) ...heres one example, but I bet it has a 3.3 in it, not a 3.0.
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Or it's on its second wind (motor )
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John Bruner
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Engine size

smallest 4-cylinder for that model year w/ a 5-speed manual trans.

Sounds like the middle of an interesting debate (vans w/ 200k+ miles). I didn't find anything on the board so cheese/joe, mind filling me in?
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Probably a 2.5 liter engine with throttle body injected system.

Most Chrysler minivans give out early, and when they get high mileage, they become troublesome smokers and start to really come unravelled fast.

Cheese and I are having a debate .

Chrysler minivans were cheap and affordable, and had decent features...that is the reason they sold well. The quality and longevity is lackluster on the whole. A few good ones, but overall, just fair in the quality department.

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