I need to fix interior


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Roof leaks, detective work and best way to repair?

I have a roof over a large room that I have been patching with Plastic Roof Cement(Henry's 204) for a few years. My method was to map out the leaks from inside and then go on the roof and patch, with the roof cement, any cracks or holes anywhere near the mapped out spot(I would go 3 ft away upstream of the spot if necessary). This would help a bit, but most of the leaks just kept leaking. BTW, this is a slightly sloping roof, not flat but probably 15 degrees or so, redone with 90# roll roofing about 6-8 years ago, nailed every inch where the overlaps are.

I would then go up and kneeling down, feel for weak spots with my fingers. The rolled roofing wasn't flat everywhere, and had ridge type buckles that were obvious spots for water to accumulate. I wouldn't find many cracked through, but some of the ridge areas seemed weak, so assuming that water would just soak through, I would cover those areas with more Henry's roof cement. This rarely stopped the problem, but sometimes slowed it down.

One year I bought a large 6 mil plastic tarp, and with two pieces(overlap was 6 feet) covered the entire roof. Amazingly, the damn roof still leaked in some of the same spots, although this did cut down the leaking about 50%.

A few years ago I started pulling off old roofing(on another end of the house) and doing it the correct way. But this year may be my last here, and since I don't own the house I need to continue to patch.

So I'm looking for advice. Here's one idea I have. I just went up on the roof after a rain and cut into the rolled roofing(and patched spots) to try to follow the wet areas(underneath the rolled roofing) until I hit dry areas. I'm thinking that when I have located the dry areas above the leaking areas(this particular area is about 4x6 feet) I'll find the next higher roll roofing overlap line, pry up the roofing nails, and, after removing all the old roll roofing in this 4x6 ft area, put down new roll roofing and slide the first(highest) piece under the overlap line that I've pryed up. Hopefully this will work because I am working above the leaking area.

But I'd like to know if this is crazy, if there is a better way(without spending a lot more money). I keep reading about torch down, and rubber this and that, but I've only seem Henry's Roof Cement when I go to the local lumber yard looking for ideas. I would appreciate it if someone with expertise could coment on this and give me any suggestions that would work better that what I'm thinking about doing.

Thanks to anyone who reads this entire piece.

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Unhappy I need to fix interior

I know this is a stupid question and i have been looking all over the web for the answer. I have a white '97 ford mustang and it is in good condition except for a few cigarette holes in the interior, is there any way i can fix them myself? As cheap as possible?


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The cheapest way is to get slip covers put over the old ones, but that's hokey.

My car: I would buy fitted seat covers and install them myself. It's a little tricky, so you might want to take the seats out and bring them to an auto trim shop to have them installed. If you want to try it yourself, read up on the various books on installing your seat covers yourself in the library.

The interior kit for my 79 Trans Am (materials alone) is about 1000 bucks, and that's with me doing it.

Figure about 400 bucks for both seats recovered in the orginal material. Should look like new.

Save your pennies, take the seats out and have a pro do it. Best way.
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Re: I need to fix interior

I have figured out what to use to fix my interior. I went to K-mart and bought this fabric in the automotive section. It is this material strictly for the interior of the floor. So what I am going to do is cut out the places that have been burnt by a cigarette, I am then going to cut pieces of the fabric I bought and use spray glue to glue in the pieces. So hopefully it will work, when i am finished I will write back to help others in my position.
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Sure, that will work.

Depends on the quality of the repair you want .

For me, for a 1997 vehicle, I would redo the seat with the factory cover. It will renew the car and make it look new again.

I don't smoke nor does anyone come within 10 feet of my cars (or me for that matter) with any tobacco product .

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