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I have a '93 Pontiac Grand am SE V6. When I give it a little gas from a dead stop, the car hesitates then jerks forward. I'm not sure if it is a transmission problem with first gear, or a problem with the fuel injection. Any ideas? E-mail me with additional questions. Thanks.
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Level and condition of the transmission fluid? Last time it was changed? Mileage on the vehicle?

Sounds like internal trans failure.
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I had an oldsmobile v-6 that did this, the engine didn't increase RPM instantly when I hit the gas. would hesitate, or bog if you will, then allofasudden....vrooom! I think it was a bad TPS, but I don't remember for sure. Oh- when the engine did finally "catch up"...It kinda slammed, as if doing a neutral drop. It only seemed to do it when trying to take off kinda quick, not slow and steady. Maybe this helps?
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hey Joe...alldata shows a dozen tsb's on these tranny's...could be a clue...
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Not necessarily...but could be true.

Sounds like low fluid/internal failure problems.

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