83' S-10 4x4 2.8 V-6 Starter problems


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Angry 83' S-10 4x4 2.8 V-6 Starter problems

I am trying to replace my starter in my s-10. I've got it loose but I can't snake it out. It hits the motormount before I can get it away from the flywheel. I took the solenoid off thinking it may give me more room, but with no relief. I'm thinking I'll have to take my exhaust manifold and motormount out to get it out. Anyone know an easier way to save me some time and headache.
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What does your repair manual say about the R&R procedure?

If you don't have one (you should), check the links in my signature file.

Might try jacking up on the engine to see if that will raise it/stretch the mount to sneak it out.
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83' s-10 starter

I am using a Chilton's manual, and the instructions are pretty vague. I tried everything that they suggest. They suggest rotating it upside down, but their isn't enough room to do that. I been trying with it for 4 hours. I've changed starters before, and know that it shouldn't be this difficult. I need at least two more inches of room to go forward with the starter to clear the flywheel and bell housing.
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have you tried removing the dust shield from under the bellhousing and tried to move it under the flywheel to gain enough room to get past the motor mount?

just a thought...
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seems that when I R&R the starter on an 84 2.8, 4X4. Disconnect Batt.
Remove the front 2 mounting bracket nuts, then remove 2 long starter bolts, drop starter"Down" on the bracket end and remove wiring. It is a PITA but I dont recall removing anything else(Mtr Mnts, exhaust, etc) to worm it out. You might need to loosen the mounting bracket from the block some. Watch the shims if any.
This is one you gotta keep your cool.. My 84 GM Svc manual must be like the one you have?? All about 4 cyl's. Bah..

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