2001 Blazer oil change


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2001 Blazer oil change

I have a 2001 Blazer LS 2dr 4wd. Totally stock I figure that since this is the first car that mom and dad didn't help me buy, and because I'm tight on cash until I graduate the academy, that I should start doing my own oil changes. I know the basic steps involved and I'm more than sure I can handle it, but I have a few questions. Do I need special ramps (as in heavy duty because of the weight) to put the car on when I change the oil? #2 whats the best brand of oil to use? #3 I heard something about having to lube the rear axle when you change the oil because of the 4wd system, how would I go about this? I know these are pretty basic questions but I just want to be informed before I start. I figure if I drive the car, the least I can do is the basic maintenance. Thanks for your help.
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It's probably high enough that you can just sneak under there and change the oil. Trucks have plenty of room...no ramps needed typically .

As for the grade of oil, usually 5W30, but check the owner's manual for the recommended grade. Any good name brand is fine. The key is regular oil and filter changes, not expensive oil. Use good quality filters like AC Delco Duraguards.

As for the transfer case oil, it should be changed.

You should pick up a shop manual (see the links in my signature file) if you plan on keeping the truck for the long haul.
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And please make sure you dispose of the old oil and filter properly.

Which Academy, merga?
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thanks for the help guys. And its the NYPD academy. My class starts up in June so I'm busy finishing up school right now. No real money until September when I start getting paid.
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Exclamation Caveat

Since this is a New Car, it falls under the factory warranty. As such, you need to be particularly careful that you document what you do. Sales receipts etc., in the event you have a claim, you want to have ammunition so that the dealer doesn't use the excuse that you didn't follow regularly scheduled maintenance and parts. They love to try and void warranties.
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I agree with documenting it, but the Maguson Moss Act would disagree with you.

Factory parts are NOT required to keep the warranty in effect. Ones that MEET the OE requirement are .

I would still use Delco filters because they are the cheapest and best ones for the truck, bar none .

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