increased gas mileage


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glen p.
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increased gas mileage

will a cold air intake increase gas mileage?
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cold air intakes are designed to increase performance, i.e., more power...

to get more power, along with the increased air flow your engine will require more fuel...

more fuel=more power
more power=less mileage

in MOST cases, mileage will actually decrease a small amount by using an air induction system...if you notice most ads about air flow products claim more horsepower, not more mileage, this is to avoid lawsuits from disgruntled buyers...

a well tuned and maintained engine and personal driving habits are the key to mileage...
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I agree. A cold air induction system is for performance.

It is a waste of time on most stock applications. The air simply funnels down to the intake which is typically stock so you gain zero benefit. It's like having a bigger platform on the NYC subway. Everyone's still waiting to pile into the same five doors on each subway car. Lol.


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