Hard AM Starts


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Hard AM Starts

What causes hard/no starts first thing in AM unless 94 chev cavalier is plugged? All other starts are fine until left overnight. Also
experienced ABS shudder with stall when braking at
light but mechanic could not find anything wrong.
What could cause this?
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not sure what you mean by "plugged"?

I would suggest checking the EGR valve, it might be carbon'd up and sticking...this valve operates off of vacuum, check all vacuum lines under your hood, sounds like your stalling problem could be vacuum related also...with engine running at idle, spray carburetor cleaner or WD40 around the base of the intake manifold and throttle body, if the idle changes or stumbles you could have a leaking gasket causing the vacuum problem...

just a thought...
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what i mean't was to have the block heater plugged in,[it is not really cold enough to warrent using .. but] if i don't plug it in the car just turns over like its flooded,and I have to put the gas pedal to the floor to start, if it's plugged in it starts normally,, have new plugs, and replaced the coil pack,i doesn't have a carb but is fuel injected,sorry not sure what motor it is other than a 4 cyl

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2.2 or 2.4 depending on the model of the Cavalier, but they are both rough and crude engines .

Was the car scanned for trouble codes? Do you have good spark and fuel all the time?

Alldata.com show any bulletins that match this problem?

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