check engine light


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check engine light

I have a '96 Chevy Corsica 3.1 that displays the 'check engine soon' light. The parts store says they have the scan tool for $25. I have the Haynes manual with the trouble codes listed.

Does anyone have info. on the use and effectiveness of the scanner or any other issues regarding this problem.


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vehicles manufactured after 1995 use an OBDII scan tool, I think the parts house you're dealing with is trying to sell you a tool for pre-96 vehicles......

the cheapest OBDII I've seen is 179 scone, Actron model sold by among others.....

the scan tool is the only way to retrieve the trouble codes, and the codes will point you in the right direction....Joe F says Autozone rents them, I don't know, bought my own.....

also, to re-set the check engine light after performing repairs, you need the tool to "erase" the stored codes from the computer's memory.....
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OBDII vehicle, as Mooser said.

Requires a scan tool.

Mooser: I have heard from folks here that Autozone DOES rent the OBDII ones.

Worth a call to corporate AZ on the part of this poster to confirm .
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you're probably right about that phone call Joe.....

I live so far out in the hills we can't even spell autozone, let alone visit Napa store here, that's your choice unless you want to make a 2 1/2 hour round trip.....

ain't solitude grand?
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Lol. Wow.

Not so in NYC. The parts stores are everywhere.

One NAPA store on the other side of the Autozone near the ferry terminal. PepBoys near the ferry and down near the Home Depot.

My parts store is a stone's throw away from Bayonne, NJ as far as distance.

It is an OLLLLLLLLD place that has been there since the 20's and is family owned.

Good prices, good brand selection, I deal with the owner, so I get what I for me .
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I recently bought an OBDII scan tool from sears, the Actron brand, for $150, after checking prices at many parts stores where i live, in Raleigh, NC., so you might get the best price there if you can't get someone to scan the computer for you or rent the tool.
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Here is a page that may be of some help.
Scanner & program info
It is for PC/laptop based scan programs.
Also check this page.
CarCode scanner

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