Chevy truck overheating


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Chevy truck overheating

I have a 1989, chevy pickup, with a 350 engine, 1/2 ton 220,000 mi., automatic. I have been having overheating problems now for 6 months. It is running about 220 to 230 degrees. I washed out the radiator, then had it rodded out, temp. ran ok for a week, then started overheating again. I replaced the heat sensor, then replaced the thermostat with a 180 degree, it had a 195 before.
That was 2 weeks ago, and the temp. has been running way below 210 degees, which is normal since then.
Today I pulled a trailor, which is alittle heavy, and the temp. gauge went way over 210 degee's again for 30 miles or so, then I slowed down to maybe 5 mi. / hr. for 5 miles or so, and temp. went to normal, and stayed there, all the way home, without trailor. Yesterday the temp. went up over 210 degees without the trailor. Every mechanic I've talked to says fan clutch is ok. Sorry to make a short story long. Does anyone know what might be causing this problem? Thanks Jay
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there are several things that could cause this, I have a whole pocketful of shadetree tests you can do on it, but you'll have to email me direct cause I don't want to post it all on this forum...

[email protected]

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