big block-waterpump


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big block-waterpump

heres another question, i just swapped my aluminum waterpump with a chrome one(for looks reasons), i noticed the car runs about 10 degrees warmer,is that normal,and also with cap off radiator while running is fine,but when engine is shut off a big gusher shoots out of the radiator,is that normal or did i get a bum waterpump?
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Type of vehicle? Condition of the cooling system?

I think chrome pumps look hokey. Nothing like the stock original painted the right color
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water "burping" from radiator with the cap off isn't unusual, how does it work with cap on?

if running 10 degrees warmer puts you in danger of overheating, put in lower temp thermostat......

the chrome pump may be off of a lower horsepower rated engine or a different model year than the aluminum one and have slightly smaller impellor vanes, fewer vanes, etc., hence a little slower circulation.....

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