HELP! ~ how do i cover a broken window


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Question HELP! ~ how do i cover a broken window

What is the best way to cover the big gapping hole I have where my passenger window used to be. It's cold out and the duct tape doesn't stick too well on the outside of the car, besides that it looks terrible.

If you have any ideas or have done this b4 PLEASE help


p.s. Also, is it easy enough to take the door apart and replace it myself, or should i let the pros do it? The car is a 2dr 93 mazda mx3 with electronic windows.
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darrell McCoy
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Need some "good" Plastic. Sounds like a better quality duct tape would help. I have stuck them on for guys and they last all winter.
Then they cursed me all summer cause they couldnt get the tape off. I'd get a window ASAP.
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I'd try using the 3M duct tape. It comes in colors. I know they make black, white and red. Maybe one of those matches your car's color so you won't have to see that ugly grey stuff. I'd also try going to the weatherproofing section at Home Depot and buying the Frost King storm window kit and using the plastic sheets that come with it on your door. It'll look a lot neater than a piece of ugly blue tarp.
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If you think the duct tape looks bad, wait until you see the paint
(or lack of) on the door when you try to remove the tape.
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Get a heavy plastic bag and if the window is of a frame type (frame around the window), insert it over the frame. Close the door. Done. .

Get auto painter's tape which will not release the finish when you remove it and you won't damage the paint when you take the plastic off.

That being said, get a repair manual to guide you if you decide to do it yourself. Price around with doing it yourself and having it installed by a pro. Compare it and see.
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Smile Thanks!!!

thanks bunches!! I am letting the repair shop fix it. the cost isn't too bad-- got it quoted for less than $150, and it's way too cold out to mess around with.

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