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chevy mini van(90 Lumina APV)

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02-22-02, 09:23 PM   #1  
chevy mini van(90 Lumina APV)

my wife's 1990 chevy Lumina APV minivan has been running kindof rough lately. It does a lot of chugging while driving down the road. Added fuel injector cleaner and changed oxygen sensor.
Still does it but not as bad. Could fuel injector be going bad??
V-6 carbeurated fuel injection.

When the problem started I changed the plugs and found out that whoever changed them before me bought the plugs for Lumina car which are different from minivan--they were longer and 1/2 of them had broken off inside the engine(the tips of the plugs)---Could that be the problem still?? If so why not as bad as before??

Finally, my temp control switch is acting up. It stays on mix and won't switch to any other selection. A/C won't even turn on.
Any ideas at all.

Please help.

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02-22-02, 09:49 PM   #2  
plugs breaking off in the engine? Not good! the metal and ceramic had to go damage the cylinder walls, I would think. Did the van start acting up with these wrong plugs in it, or after you changed them?

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02-22-02, 11:13 PM   #3  
started with the bad plugs in. not so bad now-it has its moments though... Get rid of it huh?

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02-23-02, 10:17 AM   #4  
the reason it runs better now than before is because you're running on six cylinders instead of three as it was with the three broken plugs.....

either way, the engine is probably doomed...the pieces of the broken plugs are probably imbedded in the tops of the pistons....these pieces with their sharp edges are causing "hot spots" as the engine runs and this will cause detonation (pre-ignition) which will eventually destroy the engine, probably burning holes in the pistons and/or burning the valves.....

most engines are designed to run on a fine mist of fuel and air vapor, not chunks of steel and ceramic.....

say goodbye to this one, it won't be around for long......

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02-23-02, 10:21 AM   #5  

Sounds like a lot of hands have been in this one.

If pieces of the plugs came off in the engine, that's not very good.

Have a compression test done on the van and if that reveals it's poor, pitch this Hoover minivan for something better. You likely have ignition troubles, but start with determining if the engine is sound or not before dumping a ton of money into this upright, I mean van

These were not one of GM's better efforts.

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