Driveline rubbing with vehicle speed


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I have a 15 year old pull down staircase that has grown increasingly more difficult to open until this evening when the left rivet of the main pivot point gave way. No personal injuries thank goodness, but I am searching for alternatives beyong going down to one of the numerous Home Depots within minutes to entirely replace the complete unit. What I need is a set of arms but have no idea where I would begin to find them. Home Depot does not have replacement parts in the stores near me that I have called? Any ideas?

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Driveline rubbing with vehicle speed - '97 Sable

I have a '97 Mercury Sable Wagon that gives me a rubbing noise and vibration that pulsates with vehilce speed. I is most noticeable at about 40 MPH.

I have rotated the tires and physically checked the driveline components for any wear, movement or rubbing.

I don't see anything. It exists while in any gear and/or neutral at that speed.
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Check for brake splash shields rubbing, check for any known bulletins on this issue.

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