1997 mazda 626


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Unhappy 1997 mazda 626

Our 1997 mazda 626 (4 cylinder) check engine lights keeps coming on. We have had the O2 sensors replaced, the cadalyic converter and now the check engine light has come on again. Any ideas of what to look into now? The car runs great. We are taking it back to the mechanic tomorrow (8th time in 2 months) to see what the code is. Evertime, its one of the O2 sensor codes. But we keep replacing them (at $250 a pop) and but they only last 15 months max! Any comments are welcome!
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Whoa Nelley.....

Time for a new mechanic, not a parts changer.

O2 sensors get poisoned or go dead because something causes them to.

Bring it elsewhere and have the shop diagnose why the light is on and the ROOT cause. That will solve the problem.

Might want to defer to the Mazda dealer.

Remind me not to bring my car to that mechanic!

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