GMC Sonoma Starter Help


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GMC Sonoma Starter Help

Hello, My son recently bought 1994 4x4 Sonoma. Has run fine for awhile, Yesterday would not start at school. Starter spins won't engage. I tried tapping on starter, jumping battery, pulled starter(raced to parts house) had it bench tested. Seems to be fine. Reinstalled it, checked cables,ground and so on. Still just whines and spins. Finally towed it home.
Question, does GMC use shims to align starter? could the drive be hitting flywheel? I did not see any sign of damage to flywheel or drive end.
Could the drive end be spinning on shaft as if a pin is broke? Please advise... Larry
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Parts guy is wrong, replace the starter, they are cheap and always go on GM's.
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I agree. Sounds like a weak and wiped starter.

Replace it with a GM/Delco rebuilt and be done with it .

Yes they use shims, but that wouldn't be the problem here. It would have always done that.
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thanks for your help

You are all correct. Starter was spining and drive was kicking out but must have been shot. Back on the road. Thanks again, Larry

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