Th700r4 transmission problem


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Th700r4 transmission problem

I put together a 1984 camaro berlinetta. The transmission is a th700r4 out of an 88 camaro rs. I have a problem in that the engine has to wind up to about 3000 and 20mph before shifting from 1st to 2nd, then 3000 rpms and 38 mph before shifting into drive. also, for overdrive about 3000rpms and 60mph.
When it does shift from 1st to 2nd it snatches real hard(obviously from the high rpm's?)

I drive an hour to work everyday. Slowly the numbers listed above do come down by the time i have driven for an hour.

The best is comes down to is 1st to 2nd, 18 mph, 2nd to 3rd, 30mph and drive to overdrive, 49mph.
The torque appears to lock in only after going in to overdrive.

Can anyone tell me what the problem may be.
I've checked all t.v. cable and shifter adjustments and replaced the fluid and filter.
thanks for any suggestions.
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Likely internal failure. Most of those early 700R4's were heaps. They suffered from a lot of trouble.

Mileage on the tranny is?
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th700r4 transmission

The transmission I believe has about 110,000 on it. Other than the shift problem it works perfectly.

When it is warm it shifts smoothly
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I agree w/Joe...probably a weak pump.
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It could also be a mis-adjusted tv cable
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I agree that the mileage is enough to justify a rebuild ecspecially on a tranny out of a Camaro. Just because they usually get beat. But I don't agree with 700 R4's being junk. Yes, '82-84 not the greatest but '85 and up to the 4L60E are good trans. I have a '83 1/2 ton 4X4 pickup, lifted, 300hp. 350 with a 700R4 (the bad years) with alot of abuse and a total of 230,000 miles. Rebuilt once at 120,000 ONLY because I replaced the motor and didn't want a new motor on any trans. with that many miles.
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True, but the early 700R4's in stock form were junk

The pumps were weak. In 1989, GM improved the pump.

A stock rebuild on an early 700R4 is all that is needed to refresh it and make it reliable. The rebuild kits include updated parts.
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Th700r4 transmission

I failed to mention this, the transmission was out of an 88 rs
The 88 camaro has a 2.73 rearend, I've put the tranny in my 84 which has a 3.08.

Could this be a possible problem. My buddy suggested that i put the 2.73 in.

Any thoughts
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Doubt it. Not severe enough of a gear ratio to cause any problems.

Sounds like an old worn out transmission to me. If you're sure you got the TV cable right, it sounds wiped out inside.

As I said earlier, pre 1989 700R4s suffer from early pump failure. With 110k on it, you're past the prime of those original parts.
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th700r4 transmission

Thanks for the info.

also, other than the late shifting and hard shifting in 1st, it runs so sweet.
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transmission problem

Thanks everybody for all your help and suggestions.
I did however have one more thought about this transmission and I value you guys/gals opinions.

The temperature light flashes on and off pretty regularly, however the Temperature gauge is showing steady at about 195degrees.
Could the Coolant Temperature Sensor come in to play in this situation.

I am pretty sure the car is not running hot.

Again any ideas would be appreciated. As you can see, I am trying to avoid having to change the transmission.

thanks alot.
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When was the last time the cooling system has seen service?

If you don't know, minimum of:

Coolant flush
Radiator boiled out professionally.

That being said, go from there on the overheating trouble.

I still believe the transmission is on borrowed time. About right for a stock 700R4
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try disconecting the tv cable and then driving. warning do not accelerate hard and do not drive for a good distance, if shifts are lowered, and softer from the get go, then replace that tv cable, moving the cable "housing" forward gives earlier softer shifts, btw a 700 is a great tranny. if you have an 87 and up then you should already have alot of good mods in there from factory.
if that does not work then try installing the original governor from the unit you took out,
ps do you know the history of the unit you installed? is it possible a heavy duty shift kit was installed to the trans prior to you getting it? if so enjoy the ride just push the gas pedal harder. some shift kits increase line psi, combine that with a hyper tech psi change in a 700e and watch out fwd lugs in the input drum at wot. time to visit the tranny doctor. just bring the credit card.

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