help/92 ford explorer


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rudy taylor
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help/92 ford explorer

i have 2 problems with my 92 ford explorer.

1. my transmision does not want to gear when it is cold, i have to let it warm up for about 10 minutes or drive until the motor gets warm before it goes into second and third gear.

2. vehicle continues to stall, when i start it, i have to continually be giving it gas or it cuts off. i have change the fuel pump, the fuel filter, the air filter, and i have check all my vaccum hoses.

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Could be anything. Need more information.

1) Transmission. Color of the fluid? Smell burned? Proper level? Last time it has been serviced? Sounds like internal failure problems....check for any known bulletins that match your symptoms.

2) Stalling. Too broad. Need more specifics. Start with the links in my signature file and tell us what you find.
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bruce fleming
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Have you tried spraying the throttle body with carb. cleaner? I had a simmular problem with a Ford where I held the plate open ,sprayed the opening and more importantthe edge and back-side of the thortle air plate, and wipe it down with a clean cloth.

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