Need help ith body/paint repair!


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Need help ith body/paint repair!

I want to know what the easiest way to strip my car of paint would be for an at-home user. This car is basically a project a couple friends and myself are doing. I've owned this VW for a few years and always wanted to rapir the body. So far I've done a couple big areas by sanding, filling and shaping damaged areas and all have turned out great. I've gotten to one panel that is very badly scratched and I'm trying to find the easiest way to get the door smooth again and primered. Can anyone help? This has to be very affordable, since I need to spend most of my money on books and tuition, but I'm trying to get this thing done within a week. Check out my web page if you want to see what I've done so far Thanks!

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Pick up some books at the local library or auto book store on body repair. They will give tips and techniques.

The best way to strip a body is media blasting ($$$), if not, chemical stripper will work fine. Make sure to get all the chemical out of the crevices.
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before i can give u any good advice i need to know why u want to strip the car. what year is the car, what condition is the paint in, is it peeling, cracking, ect. how many times has it been painted, If you just want to strip it because it is all scratched up i would not recomend it. what types of tools do u have access to, d.a. sander, air compressor ect. this will help me in advising u on the best way to go about prepping and painting.

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