Drivaxle Problem!


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Exclamation Drivaxle Problem!

I have a 92 plymouth acclaim. It's a four cylinder. No ABS. The motor was replaced with a rebuilt. I have had to change the passenger side driveaxle twice in a year. It makes a "knocking" noise at all speeds. It also has vibration at lower speed. This all happens only when I turn left. The harder the turn the worse the noise and/or vibration.

My haynes manual says that I have to adjust the driveaxle length by moving the motor on its slotted mounts. It gives specific lenths for specific axles. I bought the part at Canadian tire. It's not in the book. I called the manufacturer, they just make em. They don't know the measurement after its installed.

Its supposed to be measured from the inside of the inboard boot. To the outside of the outboard boot. This measurement is probably the reason for the problem.

I figure that the motor mounts can be causing this as well. Not sure though. Can't eliminate the axle length as the cause without the missing measurement. I believe it was a "FENCO" axle.

The wheel bearings, tie rods, ball joints, sway bar bushings, etc, etc,,, are all brand new.

I think I will now go and smash my face into a brick wall three or four times........

I miss my cavalier.
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Make sure you're using the right axle. There were various makes used in these years.
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The engine is right. No ABS. Passenger side. 1992 plymouth acclaim. Called the company that supplies canadian tire country wide. Supposed to be right.

What role do motor mounts play in this sad drama?
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There were about 2 or 3 axle SUPPLIERS (GKN, Saginaw, among others) that were used on these updated mini K car winners.....I'm not not talking rebuilders, I mean original suppliers to Chrysler. Hence the car before yours on the production line could have had Saginaw and yours a GKN for argument's sake.

As I recall, the Chrysler parts book has a chart with identifying them and states carefully that you must know which supplier you have. They show you how to identify them.

A rebuilt axle from the aftermarket may have incorrectly consolidated cores. They may supply a GKN core for a Saginaw application which probably wouldn't work. This could be the source of the problem.

Also suggest you visit the Chrysler dealer's parts department and have a look at their parts book so you're sure you're using the right axles. That, and pick up an OE Chrysler service manual to guide you through the "lenghtening" procedure if there is one.

My friend has a 1991 Shadow. We changed his RH output shaft seal due to a leak. No such "sizing" was needed as I recall. Just in and out . Original axles.

FENCO is a REBUILDER not an OE supplier
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Could be...


So what you are saying is that FENCO rebuilt one of these? They are the only ones used on the Plymouth Acclaim. I have to identify which one is rebuilt. Then use the spec's in my manual to ensure the length and application is correct.

How would I know if the axle in my vehicle is supposed to be used on my vehicle? Hold on...check with a dealer?

Any thoughts on what worn motor mounts would do in regards to the problem I am having....

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Fenco's catalog might have consolidated the applications.

They sell one part number, but what's in the box could be a GKN or a Saginaw. In such case, they might not be interchangeable. Their research and consolidation strategy might be wrong. Or, you got a part that was boxed wrong. Number of things.

Was the other side changed? If not, identify that. Then if you find the FENCO one on the other side to be different supplier, it's likely wrong and the problem is there.

As I said earlier, the Chrysler parts book has an illustration and chart on how to identify them as I recall. A dealer should be able to find this for you in a jiffy.

Worn mounts might cause it, so change them anyhow. Most parts on these K car variants are of cheap quality and at this age, it wouldn't hurt to have new mounts.
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The only thing left to change IS the motor mounts.
Will check out the axle at dealer.

It's a second vehicle. Good for travel to work. Etc...

Very good on gas.

Thanks for the info....

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