92 Toyota PU, overheat


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Question 92 Toyota PU, overheat

I have a 92' Toyota PU and just yesterday it started to overheat. I attempted to bleed off some of the heat by turning on the heater, but all I got was cold air.

I checked the oil and it looked low so I put in 3 quarts of synthetic. I also checked the water resevoir and it looked a bit low as well. I put in some coolant and water and this is still not helping.

I did notice some brown creamy substance inside the oil cap on top of the engine and I fear what this mite be telling me. So now I turn to the experts.

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Remove the thermostat. If the vehicle does not overheat, you have a bad thermostat.

Make sure the drive belts and the rest of the cooling system is in good shape.

Is the oil on the dipstick milky and like a milkshake? If it is, blown head gasket.

Only choice at that point is to repair the engine if it's in good shape. If not, pitch the truck for something better if not worthy of a rebuild.
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If you have been running the truck with it three quarts low on oil, you may have done some damage to other components as well.

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