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Unhappy Radiator Hose

I would like a diagram showing me what all is involved in replacing a lower radiator hose on my 1993 GMC Vandura 2500 Van. It is very cold outside and the repair wil have to be outside. I was wanting to know if it is out in the open or if I would have to take off other stuff to get to it.
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simple repair

You can access the lower hose from under the van. Make sure you empty the radiator first before removing the hose. Put the front of the van on ramps or jackstands for better access. Hose is on the passenger side. It is pretty easy access and replace.
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Smile Thanks

Thanks for the info..
As for the coolant being emptied out before repair...It took care of itself when it blew up. Ha Ha
I will purchace a molded hose and make the repair today..It is 1 degree outside. Burrr!
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Change both the upper and the lower hoses on the truck, flush out the cooling system and put in a new thermostat.

Belts and hoses should be changed every four years without fail to avoid....doing what you're doing ...working in 1 degree weather.

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