2001.5 VW Passat headlight


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2001.5 VW Passat headlight

I had the driver's side headlight go on my passat. Can anyone give me a walkthrough on how to replace it...it looks like I'll have to remove some things to get at it.

Any help is appreciated!

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Buy a Halogen Bulb at the store...and y'now I use a Haynes manual that tells me how to do all my own maintenance. They cost about 10 bucks. When you do replace the bulb make sure you dont touch it with your fingers, since the oils on your skin can drastically reduce the life of the bulb.

Have Fun!
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Some owner's manuals also cover bulb replacement. Should also look there too
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Thanks for the responses. I tinkered with it a bit after posting, figuring that it couldn't be rocket science. It really wasn't, except to figure out how VW turns the engine compartment into a snap-together model:

the 2001.5/2002 passat uses a number of fascia pieces to make the engine are look neat. Most of them will pop off, after you figure out what's holding them down.

So on the driver's side, there is a plastic fascia that covers some electical and the brake fluid container. Lift this one off. For the high beams, there is a plastic access panel that can be removed and the H7 bulb is accessible there. For the low-beams, there is a rubber boot that covers the wiring and bulb...getting the bulb out was a bear and reinstalling it was even harder.

My hands are chewed up from the brake fluid container, but I saved myself 40 bucks in labor...all in all, a deal in my book.

As a side-note, the 2001.5/2002 Passats use the *SAME* bulbs for both high and low beams - H7's.
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Typical for VW ...

Actually, thinking about it, you didn't save anything, you lost .

As I recall, VW covers maintenance on the vehicle for 2 years. A quick call to the service department and they would have done it for free. I know on my sister's 2000 VW Jetta, they cover maintenance.....

Don't ask me why my brother-in-law asked me to change the oil and filter on the car at the first 3k when VW eats the repairs and upkeep for 2 years

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