re &re Chev cavalier car radio


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Lew Falconer
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re &re Chev cavalier car radio

Good evening folks. Can anyone give me the steps required to remove and replace a factory installed radio in a '97 Chevy Cavalier? I think the front panel of the dashboard has to pop off but I don't want to break it 'cuz my daughter would kill me.
Thanks in advance for any help.
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Won't find step by step except in a factory service manual....

Try the links in my signature file. Another idea is to hit the GM dealer's parts counter and get an exploded view of the radio installation in the dash. That might give some clues as well.

Barring that, usually the faceplate is clipped in place. Pry carefully and it should come out. There should then be bolts holding it into the dash. Remove those and it should slide out..might be a bracket in the back.

Some newer radios have four small holes on the corners. There are tools made (Walmart sells them for one) that extract the radio out of the chassis.

Why people change the factory radio to aftermarket crap is beyond me but whatever . Make sure to use a factory type wiring harness (one from to keep the original intact. Spliced connectors are hokey looking.

That should get you started.
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Lew Falconer
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thanks joe

Thanks for the quick reply Joe. Actually I'm replacing a factory model that's not working with a factory model (probably from scrap dealer).
Again thanks for the help.

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