Windshield Wipers- Need Help ASAP


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Need Help ASAP Please!!!!Chevy Suburban

I have an 84 Chevy Suburban. The windshield wipers keep getting stuck on their way back down. If I help them they will go down, back up, and then get stuck again. Will a new motor solve this problem or is there something else I can do. I appreciate any help you may have.

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Disconnect the linkage to the motor.

Cycle the wipers up and down. If the problem persists, the motor is shot.

If not, the linkage is bad. Get another one from a junkyard and go from there.

You could also have stripped splines on the wiper arms as well. Common problem. In such case, you need new arms or the pivots they ride on (typically part of the linkage).
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Thanks Joe, I replaced the motor and that solved the problem. I appreciate the help.

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