mazda 626 "88"


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Unhappy mazda 626 "88"

My 88 mazda 626 blower doesn't work, no fun in Indiana in the winter. Talked to dealer and tried your suggestions......nothing worked. Next problem is car was running fine until it just died and wouldn't restart let it sit for a day. jumeped it off and goes about 2 miles or less and dies. hooked up jumper cables (battery is only 90 day old) seen small sparks of positive cable on mazda but started then battery slowly dies and car looses power.
Altenator has been replaced bu problem continues..................
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If the battery discharges continually, usually that is a bad alternator. Most parts store rebuilds are crap and defective out of the box. Swap it for a Mazda unit if it proves defective. A bit more pricey but better unit.

As for the blower problem, you split up this post from the original. Don't recall what was discussed there. Too many posts to remember each one. That's why you gotta keep 'em together
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88 mazda 626 blower

Is it possible that the bad blower is killing your battery.
You may want to make sure the blower is not hook up until you get it replaced/ or possible the wiring to the blower is shorting out and killing the battery/alternator.

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