large dent in pickup bed


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large dent in pickup bed

Thanks to my teenage son I have a very large dent or should I say a cave in on the bed of my 89 full size chevy pickup.
The dent is just back of the cab.I can get to it but there is not much room I want to push it out my Idea is to use like an airbag and inflate it.
Do they make such a tool?
A long time ago I had a large airbag that you could lift up a car with to change a tire you would plug it into your exaust and it would inflate it was pretty heavy duty.
I know that this type of thing would work if I could find it.
It would push on the inner panel and push out the dent.
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If you can get behind the area, a good push with your hand or tap with a rubber mallet will push it back into shape. This works the best
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only about 5 inches of space

There is the problem Joe I only have about 5 inches of space between the inner bed and the outer sheet metal I am not strong enough to push it with my hand (getting to old) and no room to swing a mallet.And nothing to pry on for a 2X4.I could use a slide hammer but I am not to hip on making holes.The dent is about 2 feet by 2 feet and about 6 inches deep it really looks like Cr--.I thought maybe someone has seen an airbag device that can be used.
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I never tried one myself however the dent sounds like it's prime for the use of a suction cup...........which I've seen in the retail chain autoparts supply stores.........Either that or purchase a soccer or basket ball and deflate it. Put a pin and pump on it or better find an air source. Insert it in between the sheetmetal and fill it......Havent' tried this one either however it sounds like what your looking for..........

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