1998 VW Golf tail light bulb replacement


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Si Perry
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Wink 1998 VW Golf tail light bulb replacement

Could someone be so kind to instruct me how to fit a new
tail light bulb? I used to have a 1985 Golf which the light unit
just clipped out. With the 1998 unit there are no clips [I can't see them anyway and I don't want to remove the screws that seem to be holding the unit in if there is an easier way.
We should just get the Haynes Manual but if someone can tell me
that will save some cash.....
Many thanks
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Being without a repair manual saves no cash, it costs you in time and effort when a picture is worth a thousand words .

That being said...

1) Check the owner's manual. Many newer ones have tips and easy DIY type activities such as this in the owner's book.
2) Check the posts/links below for some service manual ideas.
3) Barring that, to the parts store or library for a manual.

This is one of those things where you have to see it to size up what's involved.

Whatver bolts/attachments hold the lens to the body likely are how it's accessed.

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