scraping gaskets


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scraping gaskets

I've been doing my own auto repair work for over 20 years, and I've always hated scraping off old, baked on gaskets. Anyone got any tips on how to make this chore easier?
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Use good quality gaskets in the first place which come off easier than cheap ones .

Sometimes, there's nothing worse than doing that, I agree. I sometimes use the die grinder on the air compressor to remove old gaskets. There are chemical solvents that help remove them.

Somtimes, nothing works better than a good single edged razor blade and a little fine sandpaper.

I also use a little WD40 to keep the piece moist and soften the old gasket material.

Depends on the situation at hand really. I try to use FelPro gaskets as they are well made and require minimum use of sealer which is always messy on the next go around
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I agree with Joe. I use wd-40 and an x-acto knife (very sharp) to remove all my baked on gaskets. Works real well. The trick is to make sure the blade is sharp.
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Or you can use wood chisel to remove old gaskets they work very good.

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Thanks to all. I will try your suggestions next time I need to tackle this really nasty chore.
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Another idea is a small parts washer. They work well and clean up most parts like a champ. I have one in the laboratory at work. Works great .

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