auto odors??


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auto odors??

My wife's asthma acts up when we are in our '91 model car. I'm beginning to think it is because of the HVAC system as opposed to "new car odors".
Is there a way to clean the vents, air circulation
hoses etc? Thanks
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If you don't use the HVAC often, things will grow in there .

There are sprays and deodorizers sold that clean out the HVAC system. Also, the drain from the A/C evaporator should be clear.

Check the links in my signature file or a service manual for some ideas.
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I've found the following to help clean the air vents. (no disassembling)

1. Clean the inside air vents with a vaccum cleaner using that attachment that looks sorta round with brushes around it. Also blowing a little compressed air from a can into it can't hurt.

2. Pop the hood and and clear out the air vents that are right under the windshield. You can vaccuum these too.

3. Spray some Lysol into the outside air vent and wipe it off. I find that it helps kill any kind of mold and eliminates smells.

4. This part is optional. Go to sharper image and buy the cigarette lighter version of the ionic breeze air cleaner. You can find it here

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