car window off track (honda civic)


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car window off track (honda civic)

This is the second time the driver's side window came off the track. It rolls down fine, but will only go up 1/2 way because it's aligned on the wrong side of the seal. The 1st time this happened, it was under warranty. Now it's not. I called the dealership's mechanic and they want to charge $65 in labor just to start, if it needs a part, the part and additional labor will be charged. The mechanic said it would take several hours to fix. This sounds insane to me. Is this common? And is this something that can be done alone with some basic tools? I'm thinking I should be able to just pay some local mechanic $20 to pop open the door, realign it and close it up. Am I nuts?
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Year and model of this tuna can?

Check for any known problems that match your issue. If you find one, go back to the dealer get a full printout of the bulletin and make 'em eat the repair for free.

Tough to say how much it will cost. Depends on the extent of the problem and parts required.
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Thanks so much Joe,

The year and model is the '97 Honda Civic CX hatchback. I did checkout the Alldata website, a message appears saying that Honda has requested that Alldata restrict access to Acura and Honda repair information by individual consumers. I can see a list of service bulletins but I can't view the actual bulletin.

One is TSB # 97-021 issued Mar 00 - Front Windows - Bind or Out of Run Channel. Could this be it?

Can I just call Honda and ask that they fax this to me?
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Yes, that is likely the cause of the problem.

Yes, call the dealer and ask them to give you the full printout.

I believe the NHTSB's website might have the full text of the bulletin, if not, ask the dealer to print it out for you.

If they refuse, call Honda or try another dealer.
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It's probalby going to pop right back off............Dealer ship labor rates are notorioulsy high because they have the larger overhead and most equipment........take the car to a glass shop who specializes in mechanical window repairs. The labor rates are less because glass shops do not sport expensive diagnostic equipment and the employees have plenty of experience working with door panels and window components than most employees at a repair garage........have it diagnosed and repaired properly and ask up front about a warranty
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I would normally agree, but I would be making Honda Motor Corp. eat this repair and suggest this poster do too. Perhaps he/she will get a free repair.

I thought these things didn't happen to such cars .

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