stalling/electrical problems?


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stalling/electrical problems?

I'm driving a 96 Dodge Neon that recently has developed electrical problems. At first I thought the alternator was going bad because I still had power to interior lights but the car had trouble turning over and then finally wouldn't start unless you jumped it. I took it to the garage and they replaced the battery and told me that the alternator tested out fine.
The car ran fine for a few days, but now it will stall when at stoplight (it's also gotten colder the past couple of days). The car seems to be idling slower that normally, but when I have the headlights on at a stoplight I can see the intesity of the lights dim as well. Once the car stalls out it starts up again no problem. Any thoughts?
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Check for any trouble codes stored in the computer (you need to rent a scanner from Autozone to do this) . Check the alternator output with a digital meter.

Check my post "The Basics" for some ideas and the links in my signature file below.

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