One Master Cylinder


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My LR is 12x20 with the 12' walls (the front and back walls of the house) having almost all windows on them. The two remaining walls at the 20'rs. The entrance to the room is on the end of one of the 20' walls so when you walk in the room to your left is the back wall of the house (4 ceiling to floor windows) the wall in front of you is one of the 20' walls. I want to try and change the appearance of the room so that it doesn't look so long and narrow. I was thinking that painting one of the walls a deeper shade than the other three might do the trick. Am I correct? If so, which wall gets the darker shade? One of the 20' or one of the 12" walls? I was thinking on using blues. Any other suggestions greatly accepted! Thanks....
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One Master Cylinder

I may have missed something in your post, but you keep refering to the master cylenders. Do yoy mean the Front wheel Calipers? Or the one Master Cylinder mounted to your firewall. This has happened to me more than once, If I replace all 4 wheel cylinders/Calipers and not the Master Cylinder it almost everytime puts so much strain on the Master cylinder, that it goes out right away or very soon thereafter. Because what you have sounds like your master cylinder is leaking back into its self. If I missed something I'm sorry, the only way I know that after replacing 4 wheel cylinders and not being able to bleed the system after bench bleeding the Master Cylinder is an internal leak, and that can happen with any Master Cylinder, new or rebuilt. Marturo
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Hi Marturo,

You might want to join us in the other post, as Knuckles and I have answered the questions there.

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