won't hold idle


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Matt Barcellona
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won't hold idle

I have a 1985 Riviera that stalls when i put it in gear.I had the carb. rebuilt,all the vacuum lines checked and the computer checked.It idles fine in park then when put into drive it stalls out.Is there maybe a transmission device problem?
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Sounds like an adjustment/choke issue.

Find an old time mechanic that knows carburetors. The settings on a Rochester E4MC like this have to be dead on. Once they are, the car will run like a champ.

Likely still an adjustment issue. Must be done against the factory specs.

Have it gone through one more time.
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Matt Barcellona
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Can it be?

I had this problem first, then I had the carb. rebuilt with the same results.I then had two other carb. mechanics take a shot at it.They both fiddled with the adjustments for an hour to no avail.Either all these guys are morons or it has to be something else.HELP!
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Depends on how they are setting it. Could be low vacuum among other problems.

I have a similar car, an 84 Olds 88, which has had a couple of rebulit carburetors, always rebuilding the same one, no trouble.

You have to have the right tools and procedures to adjust them. Doing them "by ear" and "how we did in the old days" doesn't cut it.

When's the last time it saw a tuneup or any kind of other service?
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won't hold Idle

Does you transmission of any kind of Torque lock in?

Could be locked in at all times and when transmission is engaged,
there is not enough rpm's to move the car.

Just a thought.
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I believe this year is overdrive, so it's not likely to have a TCC solenoid like a three speed, but it's a possibility.

It wouldn't stall if it was a TCC, it would abruptly shut off/jerk as the converter would stay engaged.

Probably a misadjusted carburetor. Not many guys know these things as well as the old timers .
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Matt Barcellona
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torque lock

Should I pull off the wire harness on the tranny
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Try it. If the problem goes away, internal failure of the TCC solenoid. If not, the problem is elsewhere.

Can probably leave it disconnected, but fuel mileage will suffer on an already ravenous engine.
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Once again I agree w/ Joe. Sounds like carb adjustment or trash. A Lot of the new guys are not real good at rebuilding carbs. (TBI is much easier to change out)If transmission wiring disconnect don't work, you may want to try buying a rebuilt carb from a name brand. Purchased carb will be preset to perfect for your (stock) engine.

P.S To Joe...
Just got on this site the other day. Great Site! Keep up the good work!
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Thumbs up

Thanks Dan...

I do not agree about buying an off the shelf carburetor though. They are generic at best.

Fact is, best bet is to rebuild that one on the car again and again. Throttle shafts can be rebushed if they wear out.

That tag # is specific to that year, that model, that engine. If you buy an off the shelf rebuild, it might be a 1984 core # or something generic. It will "work" but there are subtle differences.

The only off the shelf ones that work are Rochester service carbs which are discontinued and run about 1000 bucks if you can find them.

Stick with a guy who knows these old time carbs if that turns out to be the problem and go from there. Ask how they tune them. If you don't see the guy out there with a dwell meter and just turning screws, you've got the wrong guy .

Expect to pay good money. Old time guys are hard to find that know their stuff.
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pulling the trans wire off might not affect the tcc. does the car stall in reverse also?
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Sound like you guys are on the right track with the trans torque converter solenoid(lockup), I have a 88 chevy celebrity v6 that had the same problem.. Seen this many times, does the car have a violent reaction when put in gear(like letting off the clutch in a manual trans car with foot on the brake and in gear)?

Good luck...

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