Possible A/C compressor problem how can I diagnose?


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Possible A/C compressor problem how can I diagnose?

I have a 2000 Chevy Express van 5.7 liter it has 150,000 miles on it so the warranty ran out about 4 months after purchase. I run freight coast to coast with it and it's been extremly reliable thus far. When the truck is running it makes all kinds of squeaking noises. The noise is coming from the front of the engine and it's not the belt I changed it not long ago. It is a mechanical noise if that makes any sense. The dealership seems to think it is the A/C compressor that has gone bad, but I am not so sure this is the case. They want over $1,100 to put a new compressor on and I want to make sure that this is what is making the noise. The noise is always there even when the A/C isn't turned on. So another words The A/C compressor isn't even turning and the sqeaking is still there. What can I do to find out exactly where the noise is coming from. It could even be the water pump, altenator or the pulley on the A/C compressor I am not sure. Is there any way for me to tell exactly where the sqeaking is coming from other than just start changing parts till the noise is gone?

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Make the dealership eat the repair for free. This is a 2000 model year vehicle and should be covered under the factory warranty.

If they say "it's not covered", call Chevy's 1-800 number and give them lip. Fight for them to cover it.

You need proper tools and procedures to service an A/C system right. Not a DIY service procedure.

A mechanic's stethoscope would help, but again, 2000 model year van, the dealer's problem, not yours .
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First of all how many miles? Is it still under warrenty? Its probably the alt. and $1100 for a compressor? No way! A water pump should leak if it is bad. If it is the comp. buy a new one and install it yourself then take to an independent shop and have the system charged. Unless your worried about discharging R134 into the atmosphere!
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Well i guess the others didn't read that you had 150,000 miles on this unit so it would be doubtful that GM or anyone else will pay for this repair but you.I've seen a lot of belt tensioners and idler pulleys cause the concern you mentioned.As far a pinpointing which it is that can be very hard to do considering everything is running by one belt.Sometimes with the belt removed you can hand spin or wiggle a pulley and figure which one is causing the concern.Other than that it can be pretty tough.
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Squeeking noise

Now mind you must be careful. This may sound strange but bare with me. Get a 2' piece of brake line, cut one end and slip the line nuts off. Find a rubber dropper bottle,and get the rubber squese end off and put it on the cut end, or a vac plug will work. Put a piece of cotton in your left ear and put the ruber plug and line in your right ear, use the flared end of the brake line to touch the areas where the bearings in alt and water pump are at and where the squeaking seems to be coming from most. Now I said be careful not to touch any moving parts. I have a doctors stecthascope with the same 2' brake line in the tube and it plugs into both ears to shut out any outside noise. that's why you use the cotton or ear plug in the other ear. The noises you hear will be different than anything youv'e heard an engine make before. However this has let me find more bad bearings and other noises than any other method I know. Also water pumps can make squeaking noises without leaking a drop. The very First thing I would do of course, is take all belts off and run the engine, if there is a squeak it's in the engine, no squeak it's in the Water pump, Alt, Air pump, AC compressor, Idler pulley. That way you can save a lot of time in your search for the squeak. Good Luck Marturo
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nice one maturo!!

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