95 Grand Caravan Heat


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Question 95 Grand Caravan Heat

You guys seem to know your stuff so I'll give you a try.

I have a 95 Dodge Grand Caravan with a 3.3v6 that I recently bought. Believe it r not, it runs like a dream except for one problem. This baby has the rear heat option but is blowing out cold. My front heat isn't the best either. I replaced the thermostat just to eliminate that possibility.
It still blows cold in the rear and not too warm in the front.

After snooping around some, I can't find where the rear hoses connect to the front. I can see the hose going into the front heater core, which has a heater valve in line. the hose coming out runs to the driver side towards the engine. It looks like someone has possibly disconnected a tee from that point and just connected the 2 hoses together.

In the everso untrusting Hayne's manual the only reference to these rear hoses is that they are supposed to connect to a tee somewhere up near the front heater core.

Where can I get some type of diagram to show me how these hoses are supposed to run? and, how would this effect the front heater core? There does seem to be flow going into the front heater core.
I also noticed one other interesting tidbit. When I sit and idle, the heat is cool, but if I give it a little gas, the heat increases, I can also hear a sound that sounds like water trickling somewhere, like it's moving very slowly through the heater core, or in that area. There are no leaks, and the gauge never goes past the middle mark.

Any ideas?
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Hit the dealer's parts department for an exploded view of the system and you'll know what's missing.

Barring that, a Chrysler service manual will have what you need.

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