Ford Probe exhaust


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Ford Probe exhaust

I have a 1991 Ford Probe with a 3.0 liter engine. The flexible, braided portion of the exhaust (directly behind the catalytic converter) needs to be replaced. Any tips on doing this? I do most of my own car maintenance, but normally don't work on exhaust systems. However, this looks like something I might be able to handle. Any thoughts, tips, tricks?
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Unless you have a torch or an air compressor, leave it to a shop.

The bolts will rot in place and be a bear to remove. If the studs go into the manifold, they will be a PITA to change and will probably snap from rust and age.
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I agree wirh Joe. If you break the studs that go into the manifold it's a PITA to repair. Let a muffler shop do it. This type of repair is not worth the aggravation.
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I agree with both of the above. Also, if you do a little research, they should be able to adapt some parts to make the repair, rather than seel you the 1 piece exhaust system that is the listed part.

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