93 G-Caravan AWD no start


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Question 93 G-Caravan AWD no start

THe above vechicle is my wifes daily driver and the other day she stoped to put gas in(it was very low) and she drove about 200 yards to another store and when she got in it wouldn't start. She tried several more times and nothing like it was not getting any feul. Finally it starts up runs good and she drives it home about 2 miles. Gets in it later, starts up runs rough, back fires and shuts down, then it wouldn't start again and hasn't since. I have replaced the feul filter and it did no good. Had it towed to a mechanic who can't get to it for a week, he said it might be the feul pump, but like I said he can't get to it for a week. Is there anything else it could be ? I just didn't have the time either to hunt and peck for the problem( I am mechanically inclined sort of). I did the heads last year with the help from this forum so I trust the info on this site. Thanks in advance for any advice.
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Running the vehicle out of fuel may have ruined the pump, this is not good practice. The fuel cools, lubricates and keeps dirt out of the pump.

That being said, you'd have to run a fuel pressure check with a gauge. Might not have power going to the pump, might not have spark, etc, etc.

Tough to say without more information from a post like my Basics below.
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