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could somebody tell me how to adjust the head lights on my nissan pick up. Right now one of my head lights are shinning in the trees to the right side. The one on the left side is out to. A long time ago I saw a artical some where , where you could draw horozonal AND vertical lines on a wall to adjust the head lights, but I dont remember how now.
Thanks for any help
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I've seen the lines on the wall aiming, too, but you'll probably do just as good a job on a deserted road by eyeballing it. If you need to know where the adjusters are look for screws or knobs somewhere under the hood near the tops or backs of the light housings.
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There are proper aiming tools for this. Hoppy for one makes a kit to adjust the lamps. I have an old Atlas kit that someone gave me from the early 70's. In mint condition and in the box.

Hit a service manual for the adjustments and procedures. It varies by model.

Find the screws and you can do it by eyeball. Normally adjustment is not required unless the vehicle was in an accident.

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