Dakota Troubles


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Dakota Troubles

I have a 99 Dodge Dakota SLT 4x4 5.2 L V8 with 54,000 miles. Problem #1 Recently, when driving from a cold start, at approx. 30 mph, I hear what sounds like a constant chirping or squeaking sound. It does not appear to increase in speed with rpms, but rather fades away at a higher mph. I ran a test the other night by killing all power at 30 mph and coasting, and I still hear it. Does this isolate it to the drive train? Recently replaced rotors so should not be that. I recently recall seeing a post on a Ram for U or CV joints. Any similarities? Problem #2 Whenever their is heavy humidity or rain in the weather the rpms jump and sputter at idle and also cause the vehicle to shift poorly when increasing speed from a stop. I thoroughly checked the engine compartment for any sign of water infiltration and did not see anything. The symptoms are similar to what would happen to the idle if I pulled one or two spark plug wires. I noticed today that the symptoms go away after the vehicle seems to warm up. I have a scheduled appointment with the dealer on these items as this is still warranty I hope, but thought I would put a few cards in my pocket before I talk to them. Thank you very much for your input.
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Let the dealer handle both items for you.

Surging idle is probably a bad idle air control valve.

Could be U joints on the other problem.

Again, dealer's problem on a vehicle this new .
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Simply for the benefit of other viewers, here is an update. Truck computer gave "multiple cylinder missfire, #8 and #4". Dealer recommends tune-up (cap, rotor, plugs, wires) to address idle issue. Also recommends throttle body service but I did not approve that as this will help me isolate whether or not the tune-up truly addresses the issue. They could not duplicate drive train noise and stated that the U joints were fine. They did however recommend a new serpentine belt and that MAY be the cause of some of the noise I hear. Get this though, 3 major issues they allege: #1 truck needs L/R upper control arms, Lower ball joints, and inner tie rod ends. They suggested I contact Chrysler Customer Service about getting this covered under warranty. I temporarily am holding off on the work. #2 needs thermostat gasket. Not a big deal. #3 and this is a doozy, needs new intake manifold gasket. They indicated that it is leaking causing excess burning of oil. How can I confirm this one. I have monitored the oil level and have not seen level fluctuation outside of the norm. Also, no sign of oil anywhere on engine. I am just going with the tune-up and L.O.F for now and will consider calling Chrysler regarding the rest. Thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks
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I agree with the dealer and they are seemingly forthcoming and honest and at least told you to call Chrysler to make them eat some of the repairs.

Be prepared to fight with Chrysler, they don't give an inch. Another one of the reasons I own zero of their products and likely never will. I also find these repairs needed extreme and indicative of quality issues. Too new of a truck to need all that (aside from the tune up items maybe).

Get on the blower and start your case with them .
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I agree...This truck is much too young to need these things. If it does need them, chrysler should warranty them, as it indicates defect in manufacture. It shouldn't need control arms or an intake gasket for 150k miles. If the dealer says you need them, you likely do, although I don't know the integrity of your dealer. Make the case to chrysler, demand satisfaction if you must. Don't put it off until there is no chance of the warranty covering it, and you find that you really DO need these things.

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