violent stalling


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violent stalling

'92 olds cutlass supreme. when hot will occasionally violently stall when coming to a stop. it will then restart but will continue to stall until it cools down. my catalytic converter was shot and i had it replaced figuring that would solve the problem - but a week later it stalled again. what could it be?
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If it feels like a manual transmission car when you forget to let the clutch out, that's a torque conveter clutch solenoid sticking.

A catalytic conveter gets stuffed because of a poorly running engine. Find the cause or else the new converter will be stuffed again

Might have a bad ignition module or coil, among other troubles. See the links in my signature files for some service manual information.
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I agree with Joe_F's TCC diagnosis. You have 3 options:

1. Add a can of K&W Trans-X to your transmission fluid. It will often free a sticking TCC valve.

2. Unplug the TCC solenoid. Your fuel economy will suffer up to 3 MPG.

3. R&R the TCC solenoid. The most expensive fix, but also the most likely to last several thousand miles.

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