'93 Mazda Protege: SPARK PLUGS?


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'93 Mazda Protege: SPARK PLUGS?

I have a used 1991 Mazda Protege SE 1.8L SOHC with automatic transmission. I am not too familiar with its history, other than that it was underdriven (currently at 80,000 miles) and therefore not well maintained once the warranty expired.
It runs pretty well now, except that there seems to be quite a lag when I try to accelerate when I'm at say, 25mph. I realize this engine is by no means a racer, but I think that lag is not inherent.
I've decided to start addressing the problem by changing the sparkplugs.
Q1: Is this the best first action to take?
It's time to replace the spark plugs anyway. I'd like to replace the factory NGK plugs with multi-electrode plugs.
Q2: Any suggestion on whether this is recommended? I believe Bosch has come up with the "Quad" four-electrode plug. I'm wondering is this new product is worth the *quadruple* price tag.
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First of all I would suggest to change all of the fluid in the car. As you dont know if the person who owns it before had done any of them. Secondly give it a thorough tune up. Check the ignition cap & rotor if its still good. I would recommend using NGK for your application. Bosch Platinum plugs are good, but for this application, I have experience problem with the top terminal nut of the spark plug loosening up after time. After a while driving the car will loose power & consume more fuel than it should. I have not used the one you mentioned. This is what they called Bosch Platinum +4. If you really want to install the Bosch Platinum +4 the best price you can find this product is in Walmart, they sell this product. The G-Power is the cheapest Platinum plug from NGK. I am currently using this one & its very good. I have this same model as yours but a different year. I am quite happy with it. I would also recommend to check & change all filters. The lag maybe that you need to have a good tune up. Use only quality parts. Good luck on the repairs. keep me posted.

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Stock replacement parts are fine for this old shoe. Save your greenbacks: High priced plugs do nothing for an engine like this.

That being said, I agree with OM. Full service is the first step.

The hesitation could be anything. Check my posts and links in my signature file for more ideas.
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Cool '93 Mazda Protege: SPARK PLUGS?

OM & Joe_F, thank you for your input. I followed your advice to not install high-end sparkplugs for a limiting engine. Instead, I replaced them with "Canadian Tire Motomaster V-Groove" sparkplugs. Incidentally, these are made in Japan, and I was once told, they are manufactured by NGK (but I could have been misinformed; do you happen to know with certainty?).
Anyhow, these plugs didn't cost that much at all (under $5US for the four), and right after I installed them, I noticed smoother starts than before. I also took the car on the highway, and the acceleration lag seems to have decreased.
Now, as you mentioned, I should probably have a complete tune up done in order to complete the job correctly.
Thank you.
- Stan in Toronto
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Likely made by Nippondenso or NGK, as there are not many spark plug makers in the world .

Many chains, buying groups and others are probably reboxing major brands of spark plugs.

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