1990 Ford will not start.


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Unhappy 1990 Ford will not start.

My truck was starting fine one moment and i let it sit for a couple of hours and came back and turn the key and nothing. I turn the lights on and radio any everything worked. I tried to jump it and nothing. I clean the battery post and cable and nothing. Its a manual transmission so I push started it and it took off. When I got it home and shut it off, it would not start again. I called a mechanic and he said it might be the relay switch on the fender well or the clutch switch. I have to press the clutch all the way in to start it. What do you think? Is it very hard to change the clutch switch? And how do you change it?
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Check the links in my signature file for some ideas.

Bypass the clutch switch with a piece of wire. If the truck starts, the switch is bad. Replace it.

The mechanic is talking about the fender mounted solenoid. You should be able to ground it out with a screwdriver and it will crank.

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