Wiper wires eaten


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Wiper wires eaten

I recently spent over $200 to have my wiper wires and washer fluid hosed replaced because they were eaten by what I suspect was a squirrel. I've been told by a couple of people to place a few moth balls in the engine compartment. They say it works, but the smell gets bad inside the car once the engine heats up. Any other suggestions?
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This is just a suggestion, try to shampoo the engine. This may prevent the squirels from eating your electrical wiring. Keep me posted.

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Moth balls contain Naptha you don't wont to breath that for long. Use rubber gloves and eye protection. get a wee small paint brush and paint on some of the very hot sauce like Devil Drops and a small amount of liquid car wax mixed together on where you can reach.

The hot sauce will dry with the wax so you won't smell it. Boy O Boy will ol furrey do a dance when he chomps on that the first & last time. It works great for most chewing pest also.
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Cover the wires with loom, which the furry suckers won't like...lol.

Can you park it elsewhere where they can't get to it.

Don't have that problem here in NYC. Most squirrels become roadkill when they dart out into traffic

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