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Question 1991 Ford Explorer

Looking for some help with a problem my son's having with his '91 Ford Explorer. 4WD, automatic. When he puts the car in any gear, it takes a few seconds to engage and then he has to give it a lot of gas to make it go. It has gotten progressively worse over the past week. My husband changed the transmission fluid and filter but it didn't help. Burning smell emitted during all of this. Did he fry the transmission or is there something else we can try first?
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Sounds like a sensor or hydraulic problem in the transmission. Take it to a reputable trans shop to have them look at it. Most shops won't charge you to diagnose the problem. Burning trans fluid is not a good sign.
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You don't mention how many miles it has on it, but it sounds like a linkage problem or more than likely internal failure inside

I agree with Roman Numeral 13 . The transmission was likely a goner before the fluid and filter were changed.

Early Explorers (this is the first year for them) were not very good.

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