fuse tap


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fuse tap

Can anyone help me install a fuse tap? How do I do it?
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What are you trying to accomplish?
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power to an aftermarket cd player that requires that the original cd deck be used strictly to run the airbags
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Sounds hokey and dangerous.

Suggest you contact the original maker of the addon equipment to see what wiring adapters and installation advice/instructions they provide. If they don't/won't/can't, they aren't a company whose equipment would be 10 feet from my car.

That being said, www.crutchfield.com is the way to go with aftermarket stereos and harnesses. The directions you get are also very good.
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CD deck running the airbags???????
What ???
I wouldn't tap anything into the airbag power.
You basically have three options for power...
1. Hot all the time
2. Hot when ignition is on
3. Hot when ignition or Accy is on.

You should easily be able to find these with a test light in your fuse box. Almost all mfg's (except on my '71 Bronco) have places on the fuse box to plug in extra circuits.
Let us know what you found out from the CD deck mfg.

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